Submissions start in November for your Cover Songs and Original Songs. Participate as a Band, Female Solo Artist, Male Solo Artist, Songwriter, Instrumental Composer, Live Performance or Singer-Songwriter. Support your favorite good causes and boost your career.


Profit from your tracks on YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple, Mixcloud, Amazon Music, Bandcamp and other platforms. Every time your track is played in the event by supporters, causes, media and site visitors during Music Aid 2022 your streams and $$$ earnings from those platforms increase and you reach new audiences internationally. You receive your payment directly from the platforms. This is an easy way to grow your audience and fan base and increase track reach and earnings potential. And best of all, you are actively doing something positive with your music. It will be out there working virally to support worthwhile projects and causes 24/7. Post and share links to your tracks on social media using our easy share tools and you will be amazed by how many people respond and play your track to support a cause they care about.

The top artists in the event by popularity, streams and shares, together with artists and songwriters chosen by Music Aid editors and producers, will appear in the end of year 2022 Music Aid Awards Show. This live streamed event will feature selected artists and Best In Category award winners. It will also featue and promote the charitable causes.

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