Because International – and The Shoe That Grows

Music Aid is pleased to support Because International: a nonprofit organization dedicated to using products as solutions to alleviate poverty. Kenton Lee founded the organization in 2009 after being inspired to create a growing shoe while working with children at an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. The Shoe That Grows is a shoe that expands five sizes and lasts for years, created as a solution for kids impacted by poverty. Since its creation, over 300,000 pairs of The Shoe That Grows have been distributed in 100 countries around the world. The Shoe has been featured by major news outlets including the Today Show, BBC News, CBS News, Huffpost and Buzzfeed. In 2018, Because International received the Patents for Humanity award from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Through The Shoe That Grows and the Pursuit Incubator program, Because International seeks out and develops products that make life easier for people impacted by poverty and works with partners to produce and distribute them worldwide. This innovative approach allows people impacted by poverty to have more opportunities to succeed. Learn more at

The Shoe That Grows, from Because International, is an official recommended beneficiary cause for World Concert Day on 26 April. Artists and producers are asked to consider this as your chosen cause and provide links for donations and support directly to the organization´s website. Find out more at the Because International website. There is fundraising information, contact details, and a donation button on the website.