Breathe Life – A Campaign for Clean Air

The Breathe Life Campaign mobilizes communities to reduce the impact of air pollution on our health & climate.

This campaign is a featured beneficiary of World Concert Day.

Air pollution is one of the most important health and climate issues of our time and we work with musicians, businesses, charities and brands to raise awareness of the current air pollution crisis in the world today. Music Aid supports the United Nations Breathe Life Campaign and follows UN guidelines. If you are releasing a benefit single or album to raise funds or awareness for this campaign, or planning a music benefit event, we can provide expertise, promotion, resources and contacts to help you promote this cause.


The Breathe Life Campaign is an official Music Aid beneficiary cause for World Concert Day on 26 April. The event promotes and raises funds for the campaign, and draws on Breathe Life and UN resources and materials. Artists involved with that event are asked to consider this as your chosen cause – there is a good collection of promotional material and resources that you can use at