Music Aid has worked with children in need since the organization launched in 1998 with a project in SE Asia that provided schooling, uniforms, books, school bags and shoes for hundreds of poor village children.

Since that time Music Aid has worked on many child aid projects and it is a strong supporter of UNICEF – The United Nations International Children´s Emergency Fund. UNICEF is an official beneficiary cause of both World Concert Day and Music Aid Day – annual music days when thousands of musicians and fans are encouraged to donate directly to this cause.

Music Aid is developing an ambitious global program to provide every child with access to free music lessons through an international network of music teachers, schools and community programs using the latest music professional teaching techniques, resources, software and support. Every teacher, school, and community group leader, in every country, can apply to become part of this international program, which is 100% free to all teachers, schools and community projects and is designed, managed and funded entirely by Music Aid. In poor remote rural areas this program provides village schools and children with something they could never afford or dream of – life enhancing music classes that children love. It also provides work opportunities and support for musicians and teachers.

Providing shoes for children in need has been a recurring theme in Music Aid´s activities since it launched in 1998 when we distributed free shoes in SE Asia. It is estimated that 300 million children in the world do not have shoes or have very poor and inadequate shoes. Surprisingly, this also includes western countries. Music Aid supports the Because International project and The Shoe That Grows program through World Concert Day and Music Aid Day. Visit and find out more about these worthy initiatives and The Shoe That Grows here.