We understand how difficult it is to earn an income from music and we have created a solution. The Music Aid Artists program is an opportunity to partner with a large, trusted international music organization, support great causes, promote your career, and have opportunities to earn money at the same time. With our programs you will discover how to profit from linking your music and brand to a well known and respected international organization. The program helps us because you will be supporting worthy causes and essential global aid work, and it helps you because you have opportunities to boost your career and earn rewards in return for your support.

The Music Aid Artist program is for musicians, singers, songwriters, producers, concert promoters, music teachers and coaches. There are also partner programs for brands and music businesses. Try something different, feel good about your music career, support us, earn money, and join others who are improving lives – powered by music. The Music Aid Artist program launches in July 2021. Add yourself to the list of artists waiting to join with the form below.

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