Street Life Projects

Ben and and his 7 year old daughter Georgina live on the streets. Their home is the tiny converted pedicab in this photo.

Children and entire families are living on the streets of some of the world´s major cities. We met Ben and Georgina while working on the streets of Manila in the Philippines, and they are one of the main inspirations for the Street Aid Project.

Ben and Georgina live together sharing the tiny converted pedicab you can see in the photo. Ben has spent most of his life working the city streets as a pedicab driver in the small vehicle that has been transformed into their home. It had recently been their only shelter during the hurricanes and floods that hit the city. Ben does not regard himself as homeless – he will tell you that this is his home.

Georgina was tragically diagnosed with meningitis at one year of age and she has epilepsy. Ben vowed to never leave her. Georgina is also now completely blind and she is unable to walk. Ben devotes his life to taking care of her as best he can. There is tragedy like this on almost every street corner in Manila, and in many other cities. These people are some of the kindest, sweetest and most humble you will ever meet. It has been a privilege for us to spend time with them.

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