Music Aid is at the forefront of blockchain developments in the music industry


Music Aid is exploring, using and developing new technology based on the blockchain revolution. This tech space is the future of music and we believe it will be used to solve many of the problems currently facing the music industry and the difficult financial position many artists find themselves in today. 

We are working to incorporate and develop blockchain technology to provide benefits to artists and support Music Aid projects, causes, charities and events.

We own the blockchain domain names musicaid.crypto, musicaid.bitcoin, musicaid.wallet among others. The MusicAid logo is trademarked under international law and protected at musicaid.nft. We also own the www web domains,, and to be used exclusively for new technology based services, developments, projects and partnerships. and are in development. We continue to use as our main *head office* organization and foundation website.

If you have ideas for business, tech or charity partnerships in this exciting new technology space you are invited to contact us to discuss possibilities. Use this contact form.

If you have made some profits with your bitcoin you might want to donate a few satoshi to support the good work and causes you see on this website. 100% goes directly to support children in need, child aid programs and Music Aid benefit events for UNICEF and other charities. It also supports music study scholarships and the Global Reach free music classes for underprivileged children worldwide.

Donate Bitcoin to the wallet address below.

Copy and paste our address to your wallet to send bitcoin. Do not send other coins. This address is for bitcoin only.

Address: 38pA4BU1qFmrrLWdijTnGrEz53qELSQNxZ

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