The United Nations International Children´s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) works in over 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives. It works tirelessly to defend their rights, and works to help them fulfill their potential from early childhood through adolescence. We ask all musicians and industry professionals, especially those working on benefit events and benefit music releases, to consider UNICEF as their worthy cause. Visit the official UNICEF website to discover more about UNICEF´s work. There is a large amount of information there to help you and guide you, and also a direct UNICEF donate button on their website. 

We support all musicians and businesses that directly raise funds for, or promote, UNICEF – The United Nations International Children´s Emergency Fund. If you release a benefit track or album, stage a benefit event, donate income from live streams to UNICEF or sell merchandise to directly benefit UNICEF, we freely provide support, expertise, promotion and resources.


UNICEF is an officially recommended beneficiary of World Concert Day. If you are involved with that event as an artist, producer or organizer we ask you to consider UNICEF as your main worthy cause. If you select UNICEF as your cause you should ask your viewers and fans to donate to UNICEF directly and and provide a link to their website. If you are streaming or posting on social media you must use only approved and official UNICEF social media charity donate buttons. Visit the UNICEF website for donation and other details and information. World Concert Day takes place annually on 26th April.

Visit the World Concert Day website for more details about the event.

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