Music Aid International works with artists, charities, causes and brands worldwide to improve lives – powered by music.

Its annual global events, World Concert Day and Music Aid Day, support, fund and promote causes including UNICEF – the United Nations Children´s Emergency Fund, the Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund, Child Aid programs, the Breathe Life Campaign, Cancer Research and other health causes and local hospices. It provides direct support year round for music benefit events and other fundraising efforts that benefit UNICEF and makes direct grants and awards to worthy aid causes and projects internationally. You can discover more about all these programs, projects and campaigns on this website. Support our work by following on social media and sharing with others. Or get involved more closely as an artist, charity or brand.

In addition to the above Music Aid also directly provides a global network of free music lessons, resources, software, teachers, structured courses and support materials to underfunded schools and underprivileged communities worldwide. Its extensive education programs aim to provide an opportunity for every child to learn and instrument and discover music, no matter how difficult or underprivileged their life situation and background.

Music Aid works directly in the field and unites donors, supporters, causes, artists, charities, organizations and brands in a powerful way that makes them stronger and more effective together.

World Concert Day is an annual music event uniting artists, fans and causes. Concerts and music events on that day raise awareness and funding for nominated local charities, causes and hospices, and also for major international programs such as UNICEF, The World Health Organization´s COVID-19 Response Fund and other Music Aid headline causes and projects.

Music Aid Day is a pre-Christmas industry event in December where artists, music companies, music websites and music stores donate a portion of sales proceeds and royalties on that day to help and support those in need at Christmas time. It is a new event for 2021 that is receiving a very warm response from the music industry and musicians and from our supporters and partners. It is a day for the music industry and music fans to keep the spirit and meaning of Christmas alive.

Artists are important supporters of Music Aid´s work. Music Aid grew from ideas shared with major artists, including Carlos Santana, and was launched with support from major stars including Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood who donated his artwork for the launch event in central London. This event took over an entire floor and other sections of the huge Whitely´s Center in Bayswater and featured the largest exhibition and sale of music memorabilia ever held with items from artists including Paul McCartney (a signed Hofner Bass), Bono (sunglasses), the Andy Warhol Estate (an electric chair!), album covers from major artists, a Guitar Alley of signed guitars, signed album covers, original artworks and much more. In 2021 Music Aid supporting artists will take part in promotions, perform on World Concert Day, donate royalties on Music Aid Day, release benefit songs and continue to play an important role in the Music Aid community.

Music Aid´s partnerships with brands and organizations have included sales partnerships with Amazon, Apple Music and iTunes, co branding the BBC´s Instrument Amnesty project distributing donated musical instruments, promotion of Al Gore´s Live Earth event in the USA, managing hundreds of UN volunteers globally for the United Nations UNV program, partnership with the African Diaspora project, partnerships with music events and brands including the USA, International, and UK Songwriting Contests, the SCO Song Copyright Organization, and major music websites and platforms including Music Aid is well known in the music industry for its support of all fundraising efforts on behalf of UNICEF.

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